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Yukina Matsumoto

Broken Promised Land Chapter One

Title: Broken Promised Land
Pairing: OFC/Jack/? (another fin rocker)
Summary: Dreams at first I thought they were just dreams but then I found out the truth I was enamored of a vampire
Rating: PG-13 for slight swearing a little blood, and slightly sexual situation
Warnings: Adult Content, Blood, Murder, Swearing, (Basically everything a good fic needs lol)
Other: So one night I had this very strange dream about me and Jack Smack and a certain other friend of his and I turned it into a fic. Trust me this isnt the first fic Ive gotten off a dream. Oh yeah and the first one to guess who the mysterious vampire is will get a special spot light in the fic. And later it gets very slashy when Jack meets up... well read and youll find out so it will be mostly NC-17


Thoughts are in italics
Dreams, at first I thought they were just dreams but then I found out the truth I was enamored of a vampire.
Okay before I tell you every thing I guess I should give you some info about me, my name is Cherish Wolf, I was born in a shitty town in the USA called Hollowsville, more like Nowheresville but anyways, I moved all the way to Helsinki Finland and I have lived here for almost 2 years. I live in a small flat on my own. Perfectly normal... for now.
It all started on night when I out to a club and saw a band called Private Line, I wasnt really paying attention but the music was so good pretty soon they were done and out of the corner of my eye I saw a red and black blur still not paying attention as the club started to empty I finished my beer and left noticing it felt a little colder I wrapped my jacket around me and making a mental note to check out this band. I walked home I didnt live very far from the club so I walked there and back in the dark it never bothered me the cold didnt either but it probably would drive you insane let me clear it up Finland, winter, days dark, get it got it. The dark winters never really bothered me they invoke this poetic mood on me but now I was just creeped out I felt like someone was following me. I was terrified I started to walk faster I kept looking around as if expecting to find a monster hanging around one of the next corners.
"Cherish" the wind seemed to speak my name. I jumped looking around frantically and started to run to my house I got on the stairs open the door and slammed it behind me breathing a sigh of relief. I slid into a warm bath then into my pajamas making a hot cup of tea then relaxing with a good book this book was the best and I was just getting to the end of it too.
At one point I must have fallen asleep because what happened after that was just insane.
My window was open and the curtains were fluttering in the breeze. I got up and closed the window I turned back to go to bed and I saw the most beautiful blue eyes staring at me from across the room. This part is what convinced me it was a dream anyone who saw someone in their house would scream or run right I didnt do anything I just stood their and looked into those eyes. He walked towards me and his face came into view. What a face it was too, I fell in love with him I think, He reached out his hand caressed my face I gasped not at that contact but at the coldness of his hand. His features sharped for a fraction of a second and then softened. His eyes the most beautiful shade of blue seemed to look right thru me making a fog in my head that I couldnt clear. His hair was black and messy like sex hair with some red highlights. He was toned and handsome and I just had to touch him. I reached out to touch him, running my hand down his shirt feeling the cold emmenating from him. He was so cold for some reason I couldnt figure it out. Every time he would touch me with those cold hands it would make me shiver my heartbeat racing. He brushed his lips against my throat I gasped at the contact shivering slightly, his cold hands shifted up my shirt making me shiver even more. Then I felt something like 2 needles pierce my throat but I couldnt scream I could only fall backwards onto my bed.
*Next Morning*
I woke up and stretched out then remembering my strange dream my hand flew up to my neck feeling for puncture marks feeling none, feeling sort of depressed that it may have all been just a dream I sighed and got up and got ready for what should be another boring day now dont get me wrong I love my life here in Finland, it just could be a little more exciting. I sighed think about how long I had been alone in this flat no roomate, no one calls, my parents practically disowned me when I said I wanted to live in Finland my mother had cried and my father had screamed and I had just... left without so much as a second glance. I was so bored in that small little town, there were no clubs, no life at all and if I stayed there I would have to wait years to drink. See I graduated early when I was 15, I was a genuis, IQ of about 250, I got so tired of being the smart, rational, boring one I wanted a life far away from the watchful eyes of my parents and Finland seemed like the perfect place it was cold, dark, and the nightlife was amazing. Here I only have to wait for another week until I can (legally) drink. Yup Im still only 17 but only for another 4 days, then I will finally be 18.
As I was getting ready I realized I was humming something I couldnt recongnize it, I thought and thought but I couldnt place where I heard that song and then it hit me, the band at the bart last night they were playing that song thats now stuck in my head. I knew that if I didnt check these guys out I would never get this song out my head so I grabbed my keys and hopped in my mustang and headed for my favorite CD store. I got there and rushed to the rock music trying to remember the name of that band I couldnt remember it then like someone put in my head I remembered.
Private Line, weird name for a band but theyre good While I was there I picked up the new Negative CD that I had been meaning to get and picked up all of Private Line CD's. I looked on the cover of the front one and was shocked he was there in living color.
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